Power Reports for works orders

This guide has been reviewed against our global client base and classed as relevant to all regions

The ability to run Power Reports on works orders is available

In AgencyCloud 12.154, the ability to add works order criteria to other report types will be also be available as well as being able to add a saved works order report to the Organiser, as outlined here: https://reapit.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/RW/pages/1828847676

1. Select report type

From main menu:

  • Click Reports and select Power Reports

  • Click report type and select Works Orders

2. Works order criteria

  • Select criteria for report

3. Example report criteria

  • This example will return works orders that have high priority, that were booked this month and have the status of pending approval

4. Report results grid

The report results are displayed in a grid - grid functions can be used to sort, group or filter the works orders

  • To sort the list, click the column heading

  • Click to the right of the column heading - depending on the column clicked, an option is offered to filter the works orders either by word or name, plus some columns offer the option to Group by…

Further columns can be added:

  • Right-click over the column headings and select Pick columns

  • Select the required columns to add

  • New columns are added to the right of the grid, click and drag the column headings to put them in the desired location

  • Right-click column headings again and select Save grid layout

For more information on building Power Reports, click here