Set certificate status & status-related certificate checks - configuration option

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Certificate status

A configuration option is available to allow a status to be set on a safety certificate - this can be useful where a safety certificate has been given but, due to it not meeting various conditions, it cannot be deemed as completely satisfactory until various conditions have been met

This functionality allows:

  • Specific status options to be set on a specific certificate types
    For example, gas & electrical safety certificates may be the only types where status options are needed

  • Different status options to be set per certificate type

  • Status options to be customised to meet business requirements

  • Certificates to be reported on by status

Once certificate status options have been set-up (as outlined above), further configuration options are available which allow specific certificate checks (within the certificate checklist) to be added in relation to the status set on the certificate
For example, when an electrical safety certificate status is set to Unsatisfactory C2, this could add 3 further checks to the checklist

To enable these configuration options, click here to contact Reapit Support

1. Add status to certificate

To add a certificate status:

  • Add certificate details as usual

  • Click Status and select relevant status of certificate

Options offered are dependent on business requirements and the certificate type chosen

2. Status dependent check list items

When the status has been selected

  • Checks will be updated to reflect the status chosen (where configured)


In this example setup, when the Status of an electrical safety certificate is set as:

  • Satisfactory - only one check is required

  • Unsatisfactory C1 - seven checks are required

3. Report on certificate status

Certificates can be reported on by status

From Power Reports:

  • Select Property Report type and select Lettings
    Select any required criteria, such as Office, Status, etc.

  • From Linked Records section, select Certificates (may need to click Show more)

  • Click Status and select required status option(s) to report on (plus select any other criteria to report on)

  • Checks could also be added as a sub-report
    Click Pick Certificate Criteria and select Checks from Linked Records section